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For the Better Community
Giving A Caring Heart
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Securing the Children's Future
Through Educational Programs
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Creating a Self-Sustainable Community
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Together To Create Unity in the Community Become Better!

Help us change lives around the world..

Covid-19 Living Children Hungry & Parents Poor

More than 9 million people face hunger in Uganda Today due to the 42 days lockdown caused by the increasing number of death- including more than 5 million children and approximately 4.5 million adults. Hunger knows no Boundaries- it touches every community in Uganda, including your Own

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What We Do


Covid Has left not even a single penny in a parents wallet as it has succumbed to lockdown that go for over 4 to 6 months


Children are said to be the the small trees that make the strong foundation of the forest,, therefore through provision of education we make this statement true


Working smart is a white collar term, as TD Charity Foundation we engage in Brick Laying and other kind of works to promote the community

"Let's eliminate Hunger, Sickness, and illiteracy in Children, To Create a Sustainable Generation"

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